Escop. - wanwa mi raane...

Pressetalk mit Philipp & Thomas vor dem Derby gegen Nürnberg 22.08.2013

I played a round of golf with Thomas Müller, which was nice and relaxing, although the problem is that Thomas talks just as much on the golf course as he does anywhere else.

Philipp Lahm


laughed so hard… XD XD


20130202-Bundesliga-Mainz 05 vs. FC Bayern


20130107-Doha Training Camp Day 6-Desert Tour

Basti & Arjen & Manu~


20120929-Bundesliga-Bremen vs.FC Bayern


20120925-Bundesliga-FC Bayern vs. Wolfsburg


20120825-Bundesliga-SpVgg Greuther Fürth vs. FC Bayern

20120717-Friendly-FCB vs. Trentino Auswahl

20120717-FCB training before the game against Trentino Auswahl

20120716-Präsentation des FCB in Riva